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Monday, September 30, 2013

Another Important Update

UPDATE!!! Oct 7, 2013

Uploading process is about halfway done.  I have re-encoded a lot of the files so that they can be uploaded quicker.  I tried to keep things at 128 to 192 kbs so that a lot of the sound quality stays.  This has made the uploading process much easier.


So once again I'm back to MediaFire.  I know, I've been changing my mind a lot, but Uploaded wanted about $150 for a membership and I have just purchased a new home, so I can't swing that right now.  So back to MF, where I already have a membership.

I have just completed the zipping of all concerts and this time I'm going to store the Zip files on one of my spare hard drives so that if this ever happens again I don't have to spend a month zipping all the concerts, compilations, and videos again.  Pretty smart eh?

Uploading to MediaFire has begun and is a little slow, but I have a few years worth of shows already uploaded, but they wont' be on the site until I get everything done.  Once I move (around November) I will have a better, faster internet connection so this process should speed up by 100%

Just in time for the new tour.  And I will be posting updated setlists along with artwork, as usual.

Stay tuned

Monday, September 23, 2013

2013-09-15 Malibu, CA

Set: Can't Keep, Without You, Trouble, Hide Your Love Away, Just Breathe, Far Behind, Guaranteed, Picture In A Frame, Wishlist, Unthought Known, Tonight You Belong to Me (w/ Catherine Keener), The Kids Are Alright (w/ Adam Sandler), Shattered (w/ Jeanne Tripplehorn), The New World (w/ Tim Robbins), Golden State (w/ Natalie Maines), You Can Close Your Eyes (w/ Natalie Maines), Hard Sun