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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Touring Band 2009

You don't need to see the track list to know that it's good. Plus with the '09 tour you also know that there was a huge massive gigantic amount of rarities played. So why are you even bothering to read this when you should be clicking the link below?



Anonymous said...

Very Cool!! Thank you for all the great PJ music =) From one diehard to another, peace brutha!

Mike said...

2009 tour was really great on new songs.
1. Debute of Brother with lyrics (this song was played couple times as instrumental track in 1991 or 90)
2. Mountain Song - cover never played again
3. Whip It - cover never played again
4. Golden State - cover from 2008 10CC single, Ed played it on his solo tour but with PJ played only once
5. Bugs - great Vitalogy song played only once
6. Sweet Lew - premiere of Jeff's song
7. If You Want Blood - cover never played again
8. Not Given Lightly - cover never played again
9. Better Be Home Soon - cover never played again

And I don't talk about rarities - these are just only premieres! 2009 tour was a real firework of special performances.