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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Totally Non-Pearl-Jam-Related News

I just opened up a new website, that I wanted to share with the world. As some of you may know I`m Canadian, and one thing we love here in the frozen north more than Pearl Jam (if something like that were possible) is HOCKEY!!!

It`s a no-brainer... eh?

Another thing that you might have guessed about me is that I am a little obsessive when it comes to collecting things. And next to collecting any and everything PJ I love collecting hockey jerseys (and football, both NFL and CFL, and a few MLB jerseys are kicking around my closet too, GO JAYS!!!). But, for me, it's just not enough to have a plain old jersey of my favourite team. I have to have it decorated with my favourite players name and number. The rarer the jersey the cooler it looks and the more diverse my collection gets.

I love vintage jerseys most of all. If the team doesn't exist anymore, chances are I have a jersey of theirs. I have just gotten into junior teams and international teams I love collecting European league jerseys, because they are extremely different from our North American styles, and they are very hard to track down unless you speak, Russian, German, Swiss, Finnish, or Swedish.

Enough talk, here`s a link to my new site. I hope you like it, and maybe I`ll do something like this for Spreading The Jam where I can show off my rare PJ collectibles.

The Hockey Jersey Shore (I know, but I had too).

And a special note to all my European visitors. I have a small want list of jerseys from the Swiss league which I can`t get here because the teams fanshops only deliver to Switzerland and othe European destinations. Maybe we can work out a deal and ym collection can grow and so can my fiance`s annoyance =)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Huge hockey and PJ fan here. Thanks for everything you do. Your site rocks (literally)!

Jason, Chicago