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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Re-re-re-re-upload... Again

It has happened for a fith and hopefully final time.  It seems Rapidgator has changed its policies, and files that haven't been downloaded for more than 60 days have been automatically deleted from my account. 

This is becoming very frustrating, and expensive, but I am moving on... again.  This time I am going with Mediafire.  A lot of you on here requested it the last time, but I already had an account paid for through Rapidgator.  So I'm am going to start uploading again.  I will keep everything the way it is until every upload is complete, they I will edit and post fresh links.

I am sorry for this temporary setback, but hey, we are used to this sort of thing.  I sincerely hope that this will be the last time.



Anonymous said...

thank you for all you do!
appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

you are a true fan and all that you do is appreciated. Hope that everyone who uses this site will donate to help you keep it going. Nothing but nothing is worse than people who mooch for free.
download for free=freeloaders

Anonymous said...

you know what i love about pearl jam... fans like JMacNiven!! im glad to be apart of this community of PJ fans and hats off to JMac! Its about the music and pearl jam is about the music, and JMac brings it all together!
Thanks man!

once76 said...

Thank you very much