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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lightning Bolt: A Discussion

I want to know who here has listened to Lightning Bolt since it has been streaming on iTunes a few days ago.  I have only listened to "Mind Your Manners" and "Sirens" so far.  I must say that "Sirens" is the best song they have made this century.  Simply amazing.  And "Mind Your Manners" is a great punk rocker like "Comatose" or "Supersonic" from their previous releases.

I'm waiting for Tuesday to download my copy from the Ten Club and just sit back in my favourite chair and blast the album at full throttle all afternoon.  To hell with the neighbors.

But, I want to know what you guys thinks.  If you've listened to the rest of the album or not, your impressions of the songs, or anything in general about Lightning Bolt.  Let's have a good discussion going in the comments until the album is released on Tuesday.

Have fun


StoneGarden said...

First off thank you for all you do here!
Second, prepare to rock your face off!
Lightning Bolt is the BEST Pearl Jam record to come out in years. Infallible followed by Pendulum... all I have to say is Fuck Yeah! The entire album, can appeal to Everyone... and the newer, more mature musical Genius of the band has soared! You should enjoy this record immensely.

Pennywise2374 said...

I second... thanks 4 all the hard work u do on this site (please get me a mp3 of Eddie doing "Sunset Drive"!!). I also agree with StoneGarden, Lightning Bolt is solid from track 1 right through till the end. I've listened to it a bunch now and I fall more and more in love with it after each listen. "Getaway" is a groove!! I love this opener. "Mind Your Manners" is just PJ doing their finest punk impression, like you said "Comatose" comes to mind. "My Father's Son" didn't get me at first listen, but after each listen I find it slowly developing into one of my favorite songs on the album. It's a fierce song!! "Sirens" is a BIG song!! The way it soars and builds is just huge and the lyrics are gold. "Lightning Bolt" creeps slowly, kinda think "Unthought Known", but momentum builds up quickly. This is a rockin' song, probably gonna go over big live. "Infallible".. Wow. Here's the part of the album where PJ gets a little experimental and the results are a very good thing! "Pendulum" continues with a newer sounding PJ. These 2 songs prove that while PJ has a signature sound, they also have the ability to create something different that is ooooh soooo good to the listener's ears!!! "Swallowed Whole" is another one of my favorite tunes on this album. Reminds me of "Down" a little bit (which is one of my fave PJ songs). Also sounds "Into The Wild"ish.. Definitely an Eddie song. "Let The Records Play" is another curve ball in style. Sounds like the band tapping their inner CCR, kinda swampy sounding. "Sleeping By Myself", originally on Ed's Uke songs cd.. The full band version blows that version away imo. "Yellow Moon", I believe it's a Jeff song, and Mike fought hard for it to be included on the album as it was almost cut... THANK YOU MR. MCCREADY!! "Yellow Moon" is probably my favorite on the album, but like most PJ songs, I'm sure that will change from time to time. "Future Days" is a beautiful song, sounds a little bit like they're trying to re-capture that "Just Breathe" vibe. You can tell that Ed is in a happy place with his family from songs like "Sirens" and "Future Days". Those are songs that a younger Ed would probably never write. As a fan who grew up with the band since my teenage years, I really appreciate those songs a lot more now. There ya go.. hope the discussion goes well... This album is great :)

Anonymous said...

They may not win any awards for this album, and the radio may not play any of their songs.... but i must say this is a really solid album. as a long time PJ fan i have to say front to back i really enjoyed listening. two thumbs up!!!!

Anonymous said...

the new CD rocks, seeing them on Friday night in Brooklyn... Cannot wait!

Michael Ermann said...

The album is amazing..Going to Brooklyn both nights and that first set list Dorchester looks like it was a ridiculous show to be at..

Mike said...

Listened only once so far last evening. And couldn't get asleep long. Very touching album. For the music side it's very different from any other Pearl Jam album, I'm not surprised as this is their old custom. And this album won't be forgotten as years go by.
So far my favorite song is Yellow Moon - odd time clock and everything make it very special!

JMacNiven said...

The day it came out I was at work. I downloaded it immediately and put it on my ipod and then proceeded to play it 9 times through the speaker system in the hotel lobby where I work. A few guests commented as they were checking out early in the morning, as they liked the music. This album feels very accessible to everyone. You don't have to be a PJ fan to love this album, and if you are a PJ fan you will love it even more. "Future Days","Infallible", "Sirens", and "Lightning Bolt" are my favourite tunes so far. I think "Sirens" will be a song that they are remembered for, for years to come.

Dave said...

Gave me a laugh thinking of "Mind Your Manners" being played in a hotel! Even "Sleeping by Myself" could be appropriate.