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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Beginning

Well boys and girls, after a little break we are going to start up again. I will be re-upping old shows starting this week. I have decided to go with Fileserve because the site is back up and running and my membership is still good.

I'm going to start with the older shows first and work my way back up to 2007. This may take a few weeks or months depending on how often I can upload stuff, but I will make the effort everyday for you.

Keep checking back often.


Anonymous said...

Awesome -- glad to have you back ;)

Niuz Dhina said...

Great! :D

JMacNiven said...

Any EV shows and shows from 2008 and onward will be posted in the comments section. Just look for the adfly links.

manoh04 said...

Welcome back my friend!! And just at the right external hard drive crashed with ALL my PJ shows on it :o(

You're a TRUE Lifesaver!!

Peace Brutha!