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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Touring Band 2011

1.    Search & Destroy (with Mark Arm & Steve Turner)
2.    Ole
3.    In The Moonlight (with Josh Homme)
4.    Setting Forth
5.    Red Mosquito (with Julian Casablancas)
6.    Stardog Champion (with Chris Cornell)
7.    Runnin' Back To Saskatoon
8.    I Remember You
9.    It Happened Today
10.  Say Hello To Heaven (with Chris Cornell)
11.  Habit (with Liam Finn)
12.  Hunger Strike (with Chris Cornell)
13.  Education (with Liam Finn)
14.  Chloe Dancer
15.  Crown of Thorns
16.  Smile (with Glen Hansard)
17.  We're So Glad We Made It (aka PJ20 Song)
18.  Not For You (with Julian Casablancas)
19.  Reach Down (with Chris Cornell)
20.  Help Help
21.  Mother
22.  Who You Are (with Glen Hansard, Joseph Arthurs and others)
23.  New World (with Jon Doe)
24.  All Night Thing (with Chris Cornell)
25.  Call Me A Dog (with Chris Cornell)
26.  Kick Out The Jams (with Mark Arm & Steve Turner)
27.  Falling Slowly (Eddie with Glen Hansard)
28.  Golden State (Eddie with Jon Doe)
29.  Juicebox (Eddie with The Strokes)
30.  Little Sister (Eddie with Queens of the Stone Age)
31.  When The Fire Comes (Jeff Ament with Joseph Arthur)



Anonymous said...

I thank you a lot man!!

CindyB111 said...

This looks great! Having trouble downloading though. Keep getting swamped with ads and never get to the download. :(

CindyB111 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

works fine for me

Anonymous said...

Some track got a bad audio quality, so you can't listen to them.
However, it's an amazing TBR!

JMacNiven said...

I get these from another site so what you get is the best quality possible.

Anonymous said...

ok, i thank you in any case