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Sunday, December 28, 2008

2002-03-15 Los Angeles, CA

This is the first Ed solo concert (that I know of). Someone throws a joint onstage as Ed enters; he catches it, proffers it and says, "I'll get busted at the border going back to Seattle." After 'Soon Forget,' someone screams "It's my cousin's birthday!" and Ed says, "Point well taken," and asks for the birthday boy's name. The answer was unintelligible, but Ed then sings 'Happy Birthday' with the uke. Ed mentions that this is an experimental festival, and as such the next number is representative of a very small genre of music: "Speed thrash ukulele... a genre so small I think this is the only song," leading to 'Can't Keep.' After the song's end, Ed says something about promising to not say anything political tonight: "My political statement is to play love songs all night ... apparently Lydia Lunch spoke here last night and she apparently said it all." He also relates a conversation with Mike Watt where they both talked about how in order to grow something good, you need a lot of manure, and there would be a lot of good art coming out of the recent period.

Set: Soon Forget, Happy Birthday, Can't Keep, new song, Broken Hearted, Satellite, Thumbing My Way, I Am Mine, You're True, Longing To Belong, Parting Ways


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