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Sunday, December 28, 2008

2002-09-18 New York, NY

Radio interview with the entire band (first time in 10-12 years) with cuts from Riot Act played. (No live, in studio performance.) They say the tour will start in the spring (nothing confirmed yet), with plans to play some benefits before the end of the year in Seattle, and opening for The Who in Chicago next week. They discussed the collaborative songwriting/recording process for the album and confirmed that no contract decisions had been made yet. Said the rarieties album would be released sometime next year, that it would be a double album and would include the fan club singles and a whole variety of things (they had been "cleaning house"). Response to the single's initial release via AOL's First Listen: Ed said, "What the F IS that?" and Stone clarified, "We knew about that; someone told us." Ed said they played last week and it was filmed to send to Europe since they wouldn't be playing there on this outing (sorry).

Set: I Am Mine, Save You, You Are


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