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Monday, January 19, 2009

1992-02-28 London, United Kingdom

The show gets off to a rocky start, as Ed skips a lot of lyrics during 'Once' as he's trying to deal with the crowd (saying "fucking cut it out" at one point). He leads to 'Alone' with "So if you've got a heart and give it away and someone breaks it, fuck em." After 'Alone' are the famous words to crowd surfers: "Hold on one second ... see your boots there ... the big shiny metal buckles? See these people's heads here, because they are people's heads and these aren't fucking casaba melons. Everybody, it's a beautiful thing when you lie down on top of the crowd looking like Jesus Christ. But I swear all I wanna do is crucify you when I see you smashing peoples' heads." There is plenty of interaction with the audience -- Ed being very chatty despite discussing how his throat hurts.

Set: Wash, Once, Even Flow/(All Right Now improv), Alone, Alive, Black, Deep, Jeremy, Why Go, Porch/Improv

: Leash, I've Got a Feeling


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