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Saturday, January 3, 2009

1991-02-07 Los Angeles, CA

Dave Krusen drums at this rather rushed performance sporting a cool setlist. After 'Once,' Mike jams some riffs and Ed talks about hanging out in L.A. 'Alone' features scorching vocals by Ed and awesome soloing by Mike. Ed asks for a new mic after 'Breath' and introduces 'Brother' as being about big brother. This is the only documented time that this obscure song was played live. 'Garden' premieres, with Mike's solo shorter than later, polished versions; same for the premiere of 'Porch' although the bridge seems to get the crowd excited. 'Why Go', also played for the first time, is high energy and closes the show. Interesting to note that Alice In Chains opened the show.

Set: Release, Once, Even Flow, Alone, Breath, Brother, Garden, Porch, Why Go


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