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Sunday, January 11, 2009

2005-09-13 Hamilton, ON

The show begins at 8:55 PM. The show was not sold out (about five sections in the upper bowl of the arena were curtained off). "Better Man" includes the "Modern Girl" (Sleater-Kinney) tag again. Ed addressed the crowd about newspaper articles which claimed "Pearl Jam has added a keyboard player for this tour" which brought out a huge "Booooom!" chant. Before "Harvest Moon", Ed tells the band that he is missing a wedding tonight and does a "repeat after me" for "Jack and Jen", which gets a large response. Before the band starts playing, they all put on tuxedo coats, Ed is sporting tails, and Slater-Kinney comes out to sing harmony. Ed even plays harmonica to finish the song, just like Neil does.

Set: Porch, Save You, Spin The Black Circle, Animal, Given To Fly, Sad, U, Corduroy, 1/2 Full, Daughter/(I Believe In Miracles), Lukin, Insignificance, Present Tense, Untitled, MFC, Jeremy, Better Man/(Modern Girl), Rearviewmirror

Encore 1
Thumbing My Way, I Am Mine, Harvest Moon (with Sleater Kinney), Black, Alive

Encore 2
Last Exit, Go, In My Tree, Elderly Woman..., Indifference, Rockin' in the Free World (with Sleater Kinney), Yellow Ledbetter



rollwnirvana said...

This could use a reup if you don't mind...

Anonymous said...

same here, great work btw