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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2007-06-18 London, United Kingdom

This show at Wembley Arena was the first "normal" concert in England since 2000, having played only Festivals and a small promotional club show in 2006. The ten club members - occupying the entire floor - sing the echo part of "we all walk the long road" in the show's opener, "Long Road", wonderfully. Ed welcomes all the friendly faces before the rarity "Low Light", saying "So the last time we were back ... when we came through this part of the world, we played the thing called Reading (Festival) and the thing called Leeds (Festival); those felt pretty good and only because of you guys, whoever was there, thank you for that, thanks for going there. (Cheers) It's been seven years since we've played this building and it doesn't seem that long, but because we're playing these other festivals, we couldn't be happier to get in a room this size with this kind of people". "Low Light" is dedicated to Jeff's wife, who is at the show. The vocal crowd shines during "Faithfull", singing most of an entire chorus.

Set: Long Road, Severed Hand, Grievance, Comatose, Given to Fly, Low Light, I Got Id, Faithfull, Green Disease, Marker in the Sand, Immortality, Down, Present Tense, State of Love and Trust, Why Go, Save You, Porch

Encore 1
Inside Job, Parachutes, Crazy Mary, Do the Evolution, Alive

Encore 2
No More, Bu$hleaguer, World Wide Suicide, Rockin in the Free World, Indifference


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