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Friday, February 20, 2009

2006-04-20 London, England

This concert at a small venue in London includes the live (non-TV) concert premieres of many songs, including "World Wide Suicide", "Life Wasted", "Severed Hand", "Unemployable", "Gone" (full band), "Army Reserve", and "Marker in the Sand". "Comatose" was previously played as "Crapshoot" at 03/18/05 and 04/29/05. Prior to "Severed Hand", the crowd is chanting "Ed-die! Ed-die!", which then morphs to "Jeff! Jeff!", which then morphs to "Mike! Mike!". Following "Unemployable", Ed greets the crowd with "I think a toast is in order, it's been a long time - a long time comin - so thanks for comin. (It's been) about six years or so, so thanks for waitin. I don't know if you've heard these songs before but that's ok because we haven't played these before."

Set: World Wide Suicide, Life Wasted, Severed Hand, Unemployable, Gone, Even Flow, Sad, I Am Mine, Insignificance, Army Reserve, Present Tense, Better Man, Marker in the Sand, Do The Evolution, Why Go

Encore 1: Man of the Hour, Given To Fly, Elderly Woman..., Porch

Encore 2: Comatose, Leavin' Here, Yellow Ledbetter

Encore 3: Alive


Radio One Maida Vale Session

Set: Severed Hand, Why Go, World Wide Suicide, Garden


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wrong link for radio: it's 05-03