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Saturday, February 21, 2009

2006-05-22 Detroit, MI

Chris Chelios of the Detroit Red Wings was side stage, as Ed made numerous mentions of him, and even shared his wine with him during the latter portions of the show. During the "Alive" solo, Mike left the stage and ran through the crowd and up the aisles all the way up to the top of the lower level, then back down again without missing a beat.

Set: Long Road, Corduroy, World Wide Suicide, Severed Hand, Animal, Marker in the Sand, In Hiding, Even Flow, I Am Mine, Army Reserve, Insignificance, Garden, Wasted Reprise -> Life Wasted, State of Love and Trust, Come Back, Jeremy, Rearviewmirror

Encore 1: Man of the Hour, Elderly Woman..., Nothingman, Inside Job, Alive

Encore 2: Whipping, Do The Evolution, Comatose, Given To Fly, Why Go, Porch, Indifference, Kick Out The Jams, Yellow Ledbetter/(Star-Spangled Banner)


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