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Sunday, February 22, 2009

2006-07-06 Las Vegas, NV

This show is the return of Pearl Jam as the headlining act, following six shows opening for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. After starting with songs like "Inside Job", "Given to Fly" and "Marker in the Sand", Ed mentions that "there's been a few songs already about 'faith' and this is yet another one", leading to "Faithfull". As the opening chords start, Ed adds that his voice is "a little scratchy tonight if anyone wants to help - join in any time - it's everybody's songs, yeah?"

Set: Inside Job, Corduroy, World Wide Suicide, Grievance, Given To Fly, Marker in the Sand, Faithfull, Even Flow, Gone, Daughter, Green Disease, Rats, Garden, Parachutes, State of Love and Trust, Life Wasted, Do The Evolution

Encore 1: Little Sister, Elderly Woman..., Better Man, Black/(Come Back), Alive

Encore 2
Go, Comatose, Fortunate Son, Porch/(Dirty Frank)


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