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Sunday, February 1, 2009

1993-09-05 George, WA

The Gorge is a beautiful venue and this show begins in the daylight and ends in darkness. At one point, Ed suggests that everyone just sit down and watch the sunset because "... you don't get many of these." This show is pretty much the patented Vs show with little variation from the album versions of these songs except for a few lyrical flubs. Mike plays a little 'Yellow Ledbetter' teaser prior to 'Daughter.' Mudhoney's Mark Arm joins PJ for 'Sonic Reducer,' which is performed as an encore "... with Neil's permission." Ed references being embarrassed having accepted the MTV video award and says he wished he'd stayed home.

Set: Go, Animal, Once, Even Flow, Dissident, Rearviewmirror, Garden, Blood, Jeremy, Why Go, Glorified G, Daughter/(Tonight's the Night), Alive, Black, State of Love and Trust, Porch/(Suck You Dry improv)

: Sonic Reducer, Leash


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