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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1996-09-14 Seattle, WA

Ed opens the show with, "Good evening. Welcome to the REM record release party. Welcome to the Pearl Jam reunion tour. Let me just clarify that we play more than Mudhoney. Have you heard the new record? Well, you're about to again." Stone prefaces a rather rough version of 'Mankind' with "All right ... get ready," and Ed says, "This is Stone's song and it's my favorite."

Set: Sometimes, Hail Hail, Who You Are, In My Tree, Habit, Present Tense, Red Mosquito, Mankind, Off He Goes, Animal, Last Exit, Even Flow, Tremor Christ, Not for You, Immortality, Whipping, I Got Shit, Leaving Here

Encore: Wash, Go, Dissident, Alive, Around the Bend


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