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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1996-09-29 New York, NY

A nearly three-hour show with a raging pit. The band stops playing several times in an effort to get the crowd to settle down. During 'Porch,' Ed duct-tapes his *entire* body and jumps into the pit. (Thought we'd never see that again!) Just before the first encore, someone throws an "Eddie Vedder for President" t-shirt up on stage. Ed looks at it and says, "Well I'll tell you the truth ... I smoke pot! I didn't exhale though!"

Set: Sometimes, Go, Spin the Black Circle, Hail Hail, Animal, Tremor Christ, Who You Are, Corduroy, Lukin, Better Man, Not for You, Jeremy (new), Once, Rats, Last Exit, Habit, Rearviewmirror, Immortality, Whipping, I Got Shit, Black, Alive, Porch

Encore 1: In My Tree, Even Flow, Daughter/(The Real Me)/(ABitW)/(WMA), Mankind, Long Road, Leaving Here

Encore 2: Off He Goes, Present Tense, Yellow Ledbetter


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