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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1996-10-28 London, United Kingdom

Jeff says "Lemme just say this is the most fun we've had in London before." Ed follows with a talk about how he was watching a TV show about how London dealt with sewage problems back in the 1600s, " ... the point being, you've had a lot of shit here for a long, long time--and just finally you're dealing with it." 'Blood' is a short, but very intense version. Introduced as " ... a request that came up from the front ... ," 'Smile' is played live before an audience for the first time.

Set: Oceans, Last Exit, Animal, Spin the Black Circle, Hail Hail, Dissident, In My Tree, Corduroy, Elderly Woman, Not for You, Even Flow, Daughter/(Androgynous Mind), Jeremy, State of Love and Trust, Sometimes, Rearviewmirror, Immortality, Alive, Blood, Porch

Encore: Off He Goes, Better Man, Whipping, Smile, Leaving Here


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