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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1996-11-12 Rome, Italy

This is another pleasant show, with both the audience and PJ in a good mood. 'Hunger Strike' makes another somewhat unusual appearance here. 'Sometimes' is stopped rather abruptly, the crowd cheers and Ed says, "Thank you. I was just out of tune." The song is picked up where left off. Returning for the encore, Ed chats a bit: "We have much more work to do. It was a very nice night for us." (He asks Keith to turn the lights up.) "It's the nicest night we've ever had inside the giant clam. Thanks for joining us."

Set: Release, Last Exit, Animal, Hail Hail, Dissident, In My Tree, Corduroy, Better Man, Not for You/Even Flow, Daughter/(Androgynous Mind)/(WMA), Jeremy, Hunger Strike, Black, State of Love and Trust, Sometimes, Rearviewmirror, Immortality, Lukin, Alive

: Who You Are, Once, Present Tense, Smile, Rocking in the Free World


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