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Saturday, February 14, 2009

1998-07-11 Las Vegas, NV

After 'Given to Fly,' Ed says (sarcastically), "So, we're in Las Vegas. My, what a wonderful place it is, too!" and the crowd cheers. He falls and laughs it off toward the end of 'Even Flow.' During 'Faithfull,' Ed spells out "M.Y.T.H" in sign language. 'Nothingman' is introduced as a "nice little ditty about a fuck up. This is like Leaving Las Vegas right here." Drinking a beer after 'Lukin,' Ed says he wishes he had some to share and tells the crowd they should feel lucky since they got to see X play.

Set: MFC, Corduroy, Brain of J, Hail Hail, Given to Fly, Dissident, Even Flow, Faithfull, Jeremy, Nothingman, Leatherman, Wish List, Lukin, Daughter/(White Girl)/(WMA), Better Man, Rearviewmirror, Alive

Encore: Spin the Black Circle, Do the Evolution, Habit, Black, Last Exit


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