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Sunday, February 15, 2009

1998-08-17 Indianapolis, IN

The first show of the East Leg of the 1998 US Tour finds the band in EXCELLENT energy and spirits. All the members are spotted sidestage rocking out to Iggy Pop's tremendous opening set, and it seems as though his energy inspired them to kick ass. Ed's hair is shorter, blacker and slicked back, and he greets the audience with, "Okay, fuckers, our turn" (making reference to Iggy's rants at the dead crowd for his set).

Set: Long Road, Hail Hail, Brain of J, Last Exit, Given to Fly, Corduroy, MFC, (new Jeremy improv), Immortality, Even Flow, Nothingman, Rearviewmirror, Wishlist, In Hiding, Spin the Black Circle, Alive, Go

Encore 1
: Better Man/(Save it for Later), Daughter, Do the Evolution, Leaving Here

Encore 2
: Yellow Ledbetter


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