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Sunday, February 15, 2009

1998-09-01 Atlanta, GA

Ed is very crowd-friendly and comes into the crowd during 'Porch.' The security guard seemed less than thrilled to go after him. [A shirt is tossed onstage reading "stop skateboard harrassment" and Ed says, "Oh, you have that down here, too!" following with, "Well, I think we need to stop concert harrassment," leading to more comments about security being too tight the previous night (NC) and tonight.] He says we were well behaved and their tactics weren't necessary.

Set: Hail Hail, Animal, Given to Fly, Do the Evolution, Dissident, Corduroy, I Got Shit, Wishlist, Even Flow, In Hiding, Last Exit, (Yeastie Girls song), Off He Goes, MFC, Better Man, Brain of J, Alive

Encore 1: Go, No Way, Rearviewmirror, Daughter/(Talk About the Passion)/(All Those Yesterdays)/(The Wrong Child), Black, Porch

Encore 2
: Yellow Ledbetter


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