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Monday, February 16, 2009

1998-09-13 Hartford, CT

At the start of the encore, many people in the crowd raise "thank you" signs (the thank you for PJ playing 'Breath the previous night) and Ed says, "Ah, so you all were in New York?" and makes a joke about how all of the Connecticut people must be in the back of the venue. 'Breath' is introduced as "one we haven't played in a while but it sounded pretty good last night" and they seem to really enjoy playing it.

Set: Corduroy, Animal, Hail Hail, Given to Fly, I Got Shit, Go, Dissident, Tremor Christ, Daughter, Jeremy, Even Flow, Faithfull, MFC, Spin the Black Circle, Wishlist, Do the Evolution

: Brain of J, Breath, RVM, Better Man, Alive, Porch


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