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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2000-05-10 Bellingham, WA

After 'Light Years,' Ed says "Thank you Mount Baker," and "What a fine dump. It's the nicest practice space I've ever had." At the end of 'Thin Air,' he notes, "Well, those were all the good songs." Following 'Black,' there is a mid-stage conference. Stone says, "We're already fucking up the setlist," and Ed responds that that's OK but fucking up the songs is not

Set: Of the Girl, Grievance, Breakerfall, Nothing as it Seems, God's Dice, Light Years, Thin Air, Do the Evolution, Black, Red Mosquito, Daughter/(Hold On), Faithfull, Dead Man (Ed and Jeff only), MFC, Evacuation, Immortality

Encore 1: Corduroy, Wishlist, Insignificance, improv/jam, Go

Encore 2: Soon Forget, Yellow Ledbetter



Anonymous said...

insignificance, jam, go and soon forget are missing

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