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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2000-06-11 Nurnberg, Germany

Prior to PJ taking the stage, Liam Gallagher dedicates 'Wonderwall' to "my Pearl Jam friends," most likely referring to hostile PJ fans in the front row. 'MFC' is a surprise opener, the first rocking opener of the tour, and is followed by 'Habit."

Set: MFC, Habit, Corduroy, Breakerfall, God's Dice, Animal, Nothing As It Seems, Dissident, Even Flow, Given To Fly, Wishlist, Alive, Off He Goes, Leatherman, Better Man, Once, Lukin, Insignificance, Improv/New Song, Rearviewmirror

Encore: Black, Spin The Black Circle, Do The Evolution, Light Years, Elderly Woman, Leaving Here, Yellow Ledbetter


1 comment:

Brendan said...

Amazing show, "Light Years" sounds amazing, the best version of it that ive heard