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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2000-06-18 Salzburg, Austria

This beautiful venue is in the middle of the city square and the band clearly loves it. People were watching the show from upper windows and roofs of houses in the area. During the first part of the show, Ed waves to them and makes jokes about them - he also noted that he could see "some older folks" too in the windows and gives them a special wave and greeting.

Set: Sometimes, Breakerfall, Grievance, Corduroy, Animal, God's Dice, State of Love and Trust, Nothing As It Seems, Alive, Daughter/(ABitW)/(WMA), Once, Lukin, Not For You, Light Years, Leatherman, Improv, Present Tense, Rearviewmirror, Go

: Do The Evolution, Insignificance, Even Flow, Wishlist, Better Man, Elderly Woman, Thin Air, Black, Rockin' In The Free World


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