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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2000-08-06 Greensboro, NC

After 'Evacuation,' Ed says, "It's nice to be in North Carolina; it's been two days ... feels like years." He jokes about how the last song was written by Matt, and that drummers usually don't like the singer, hence the reason for it being so hard to sing. "... I wrote the lyric part, so ... maybe I just don't like myself."

Set: Of The Girl, Corduroy, Insignificance, Brain of J, Evacuation, Nothing As It Seems, Jeremy, Daughter/(improv based on It's OK)/(Androgynous Mind), MFC, Whipping, Wishlist, Better Man, Leatherman, Grievance, Even Flow, In My Tree, Black, Spin The Black Circle, Rearviewmirror

Encore 1: Light Years, Crazy Mary, Do The Evolution, State of Love and Trust, Last Kiss, Breakerfall

Encore 2: Soon Forget, Smile


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