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Thursday, February 12, 2009

2000-08-17 Nashville, TN

After 'DTE,' Ed says: "Hello to the rest of Tennessee. Three degrees hotter, we'd think it was hell. Least it ain't Arkansas." He fucks up the words to 'God's Dice' and starts singing the words to 'Red Mosquito' early, prompting Stone to shake his head in amusement. Before 'Wishlist' people start chanting "Eddie, Eddie," to which he responds, "Hey, don't piss me off this early."

Set: Sometimes, Breakerfall, Corduroy, God's Dice, Do The Evolution, Red Mosquito, Wishlist, Elderly Woman, Untitled, MFC, Given To Fly, Daughter/(Wrong Child)/(Androgynous Mind), Even Flow, Present Tense, Animal, Once, Of The Girl, Better Man, Insignificance, Rearviewmirror

Encore 1: Last Exit, Go, Jeremy, Smile [duet with an audience member], Leatherman, Soldier of Love, Porch

Encore 2: Yellow Ledbetter


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