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Thursday, February 12, 2009

2000-08-25 Jones Beach, NY

During 'Sometimes,' Ed makes some errors on guitar, prompting Mike to look over and put both his fingers in his ears. At the close of 'Evacuation,' Ed greets the crowd: "How's that, fuckers?" He references the chemical spraying the previous night (an effort to combat the West Nile Virus carried by mosquitos), which leads to 'Red Mosquito.' 'Untitled' is a much longer version with different verses.

Set: Sometimes, Grievance, Corduroy, Whipping, Do The Evolution, Animal, Evacuation, Red Mosquito, In Hiding, Even Flow, Mankind, Untitled, MFC, Rearviewmirror, Present Tense, Given To Fly, Thin Air, Off He Goes, Black, Jeremy, Immortality

Encore 1: Go, Insignificance, In My Tree, Elderly Woman, Better Man/(Save It For Later), Smile, Baba O'Riley

Encore 2: Yellow Ledbetter


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