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Thursday, February 12, 2009

2000-10-08 East Troy, WI

"Welcome to the ice bowl," comments Ed after 'Hail Hail.' 'Whipping' is an excellent, tight version. Ed fucks up the beginning lyrics of 'Corduroy,' so he changes the lyrics in the middle of the song indicating it is "too fucking cold to sing."

Set: Of The Girl, Hail Hail, Breakerfall, Whipping, Corduroy, Animal, Elderly Woman, Dissident, Given To Fly, Faithfull, Even Flow, Untitled, MFC, Light Years, Off He Goes, Insignificance, Black, Jeremy, Porch

Encore: Wishlist, State of Love and Trust, Go, Better Man/(Save it for Later), Daughter/(The Wrong Child), Smile, Rearviewmirror


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