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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2003-02-19 Melbourne, Australia

Upon returning for the second encore, Ed says that his blue SG is named "Rebecca," and then says it isn't but he has a friend named Rebecca who is there and he wanted her to hear her name. Then he says it will be called "Rebecca" from then on. 'Throw Your Arms Around Me' is just Ed and Boom playing. Solid show with a good vibe between PJ and the crowd.

Set: Elderly Woman, Interstellar Overdrive/Corduroy, Save You, Given To Fly, Cropduster, Nothing As It Seems, Even Flow, I Am Mine, Love Boat Captain, Lukin/Not For You, Light Years, You Are, Daughter/(Another Brick In The Wall), I Got Shit, 1/2 Full, Once, Blood

Encore 1
: Bushleaguer, Sleight Of Hand, Better Man/(Save It For Later), Do The Evolution, Spin The Black Circle

Encore 2: Throw Your Arms Around Me, Alive, Fuckin' Up


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