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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2003-04-25 Cleveland, OH

A fairly straight on show with not a lot of chat. Fun 'Daughter' tag integrating 'WMA,' chanting and the 'People Have The Power' ("... we have the power to wrestle the world from fools, we have the power, combined we have the power ... it's decreed the people rule ..."), getting the crowd to repeat the words. "It's the ultimate goal (making the peace sign); good singing!" Some in the crowd seem confused since the lighting make it difficult to see that he is making a peace sign, so Ed says, "This is not a fuck you to the troops. One finger makes a big difference, just to clarify." The show closes with a energetic 'RITFW' with everyone singing and Ed breaking and tossing the tambourines. While stepping across and back to the stage, he falls into a gap. After a minute or so, he comes back up on stage, with big cheers from the crowd. Ed holds his hands together as if praying.

Set: Can't Keep, Corduroy, Grievance, Save You, Do The Evolution, Given To Fly, Elderly Woman, Love Boat Captain, I Am Mine, Even Flow, Present Tense, Jeremy, Lukin/Not For You, Thumbing My Way, Spin The Black Circle, Alive

Encore 1: You Are, Animal, Daughter/(WMA)/(People Have the Power), State Of Love And Trust, Black

Encore 2: I Am A Patriot, Driven To Tears, Better Man, Crazy Mary, Sonic Reducer, Rockin' In The Free World


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