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Thursday, February 19, 2009

2003-06-07 Phoenix, AZ

An extremely hot show, low energy and Ed's voice suffering. He stumbles over the 'GTF' lyrics but the crowd is there for him and Ed laughs and is thankful. After 'Cropduster,' Ed draws his hand across his throat and apologizes for his voice. "It's like singing while sucking on a blow dryer right now ..." He thanks the crew for working in the 105 degree heat and gives his sympathy as they have to drive to El Paso next.

Set: Elderly Woman, Given To Fly, Save You, Insignificance, Cropduster, Immortality, Blood, Breakerfall, Gimme Some Truth, Corduroy, Off He Goes, Even Flow, Daughter/(WMA)/(ABITW), Better Man, Spin The Black Circle, Rearviewmirror

Encore 1: I Won't Back Down (Ed Solo), Love Boat Captain, Black, Glorified G, Do The Evolution

Encore 2: I Believe in Miracles, Indifference, Baba O'Riley


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