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Thursday, February 19, 2009

2003-06-09 Dallas, TX

He speaks at length after 'Jeremy' about how "Houston has the president, San Antonio has the basketball team and you guys have the voices. If this was like American Idol in Texas, you guys would win." Then he talks about a "contest," holding up a folder that is inscribed with "WMD" ... that there is a folder taped to the bottom of a chair in the crowd with back stage passes in it, and that at the end of the show, they would all go and tear Dallas up with two folks from the crowd. "If you don't have it then that means you got shit and you can relate to this," leading to a lovely 'I Got Shit.'

Set: Alive, Brain Of J, 1/2 Full, Go, Corduroy, Green Disease, I Am Mine, Daughter/(Of The Girl), Nothingman, Jeremy, I Got Shit, Blood, Dissident, Better Man, Save You, Even Flow

Encore 1: Arc, Can't Keep, State Of Love And Trust, Elderly Woman, Black, Rearviewmirror

Encore 2: Crazy Mary, Rockin' In The Free World


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